Insurance for Directors and Coaches

Team Insurance for the 2022-2023 season will be from Aug 9th 2022 to Aug 8th 2023
Once the form is completed and payment is processed, an insurance certificate will be emailed to the Coach.
Low $250.00 Deductible (Covers you from now till 8-8-23)
This Insurance Covers your team anywhere at most everyone's events!!!!
Easy No rosters required
6U/8U/10U/12U Team - $120.00
14U Team - $140.00
16/18U Team - $175.00
Insurance Information
Commercial General Liability
Athletic Participant Legal Liability
Each Occurrence $1,000,000.
Damage To Rented Premises $300,000.
Med EXP (Any One Person) $5,000.
Personal & Adv Injury $1,000,000.
General Aggregate $3,000,000.
Products-Comp/OP AGG $1,000,000.
Abuse & Molestation $200,000.
Excess accident medical coverage 100,000 per injury per player with a $250 deductible

If you want to purchase insurance for your team then please create your Coach account. Once your Coach account is registered then you can login and register your team. You'll then be able to purchase insurace for your team in the members area under the "Manage" dropdown next to your team or by visiting this page.

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If you want to submit insurance for tournament then please create a Tournament Director account. Once your Tournament Director account is registered then you can login and submit your tournament. You'll then be able to submit insurance for your tournament location in the members area on the "Manage" button next to your Tournament or by visiting this page.

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